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Good building plans make the foundation of a successful and seamless build

Working on a building project should be an exciting time for you and your team, but with the wrong plans laid out, you can experience more stress than necessary. No matter the project that you have in mind, every little detail counts when you start the planning and design stage. It’s the perfect time to lay out every small detail of your project, giving everyone involved a clear picture of your vision. 

Whilst many people are tempted to pay a small amount of money for building plans, this can often lead to delays, variations and extra expenditures later on down the line. Unfortunately if you pay a small fee and expect intricate plans, chances are you’ll get basic plans that don’t help contractors or builders during the building stage.

By investing wisely in the planning and design stage, you can help the building project at all stages. With the right plans, you’re less likely to hit any bumps in the road and keep costs to a minimum.

To make sure that you don’t come across any obstacles in the design and planning stage, we’ve put together a list of tips to make the most out of the planning and design stage.

Our top tips to a successful building plan

  • Be clear on your joinery, electrical and roof plans
  • Think ahead on your floor finishes and include these
  • Mark clearly on your plans north, south, east and west
  • Site plan with drainage clearly layout
  • Mark your floor levels clearly
  • Avoid using “to be decided on site”. Make your plans clear, concise and

By following all of these tips you can not only save money and time, but you will have clear communication throughout the process.

The team here offer many years of experience in the design and building industry, and we know what it takes to make every stage a success. Whether your project is small or large, you’re guaranteed to benefit from our experience and tips.

Do you need help with floor plans?

The floor plan that you draft up for your next project should be detailed and intricate. It’s an essential piece of the puzzle and can make or break a project further on down the line.

If the floor plan isn’t clear and concise, it can create confusion for builders and designers, meaning you could delay the build and go over budget. By making sure that the floor plan is flexible, realistic, balanced and fits your lifestyle, you can give everyone a clear picture before construction begins.


Our services and how we can help you

The team here at AJAX Builders can help you with your design and planning requirements. Whether the job is small or large, we work hard to exceed expectations and pride ourselves on our first-class customer service.

Not only do we offer years of experience working in our field, but hold the correct qualifications to provide an outstanding service. For a service that is professional, affordable and trustworthy, choose us today.

Ajax Design can offer the complete package, from planning approvals to detailed drawings for tradesmen. This includes the necessary calculations and documentation required for building control and by local authority regulations.
We also providing full project management to our building sites giving clients more time to concentrate on finishing the house to make it liveable


Get in touch today 

If you would like to learn more about our services, feel free to take a look around our website. To move forward with our services, we would like to hear from you. Speak to us today on 07886227480 or fill out the contact form

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Organising your living space in an efficient and effective way is our primary aim and this is what we love to do!




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